Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas! and Ripping Back :(

Its Christmas eve! That means its time to get drunk! Well, after work of course :) It also means that I will have some time to do some knitting over the holidays. I also took a look back at my new years post in which I put some knitting goals for the year. So did I reach them all ???


Of course I didn't! Admittedly there is still 7 days to go before the new year but I doubt I will complete everything I set out to do. So what did I actually achieve?

Complete UFO's (un-finished objects)- well I did not complete them all, but I did manage the chunky snood for a friends birthday. I have actually done more work on the baby cardigan but its still not finished! and I frogged (ribbed all the way back) the xmas stocking I was working on after seeing some videos on how to do fair isle the right way. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist??

Knit First Toy- well this is half a win! I did actually get half way through making a little toy. However the final result was not looking great. I think I could of made a better choice with some on the increases and due to trying magic loop for the first time (which I hate btw) my tension was all over the place. So I gave it a go but no a success.

Knitting in the Round- YES I learnt how to do this. I can knit on circular needles and I can knit in the round on double pointed needles. I have a few projects on the go with these methods to post up when complete :) So I did learn a new technique, but once again I have no finished pieces to show for my efforts (anyone see a pattern emerging here?)

And I think this jumper counts as learning a new stitch. Slip stitch! which I did struggle with at first but now I'm flying with it! So here's the jumper update:

Well thank goodness for the life lines I mentioned in my last post. I have been working (admittedly very slowly) on the jumper and everything was going swimmingly until I reached the decrease rows for the arm hole. I, as usual, read the pattern incorrectly. I was supposed to decrease one stitch at each end (decrease 2 on each row), not decrease one stitch at the end (decrease one on each row). So I fluffed it up a bit, but luckily I had put a life line in! and it worked a treat :) Here's some picks of how well I was doing and then the life line and ripping back.

Here is the little blue lifeline I ripped back to. You can see its holding all the stitches nicely for me. 

I found it much easier it, after ripping back, to get all the stiches back on the needle by using a slightly smaller circular needle, as opposed to the 5mm straights I was using. Trying to get the stitches back on them was a nightmare! With circulars I could just pick up the first few stitches and pull the rest through till they were all back on safely :) nice.

Then I continued to knit with the 5mm straight needles the pattern called for. It took all of 15 minutes to correct everything and be knitting again. Before I knew about lifeline I probably would of had a little cry before getting into a complete mess and probably ripping back far more than I needed to.
Happy Christmas and Happy Knitting!
Knaff Knitter