Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Discovery of Ravelry

So last week I discovered Ravelry! Why have I never seen/ used this site before. It is like Facebook for knitters. I can keep track of all the projects I have on the go, all the projects I'm stuck on, and all the projects I'll never finish (why do I never finish?) You can also log all of your yarn stash so you will never buy a duplicate or very similar yearn again! (of course we will do that anyway due to knitters madness and love of yarn. I mean come on, how many balls of yarn do I really need?)

I can also log all the books that are building up in my library. Its actually made me realise I really don't need any more knitting books for a long long time, well, at least until payday!

So here's me If anyone else is on there I would love to add you to my friend list ( I don't have any real friends)

Also from now on I can link my projects to my blog so you can see what I'm (trying) to make at any time :)

Happy Knitting x

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