Friday, 20 June 2014

Success? Well Very Close

So I can happily announce that I am very close to getting booties perfect! Although only one is completed and they are a little large ( I used DK wool instead of 4ply) these came out really well. We can just call them toddlers booties!
I followed a pattern in a book (link below), it's one I have tried before so I was feeling quite confident, and I love the wool. It's from Sirdar and super soft like a pastel cloud! By the way I have no idea who I'm knitting booties for anymore! I kind of missed all my friends babies ( I couldn't present them with some of the disasters from previous attempts now could I?) but I'm determined to be ready when the next load of babies arrive! (meaning they better get cracking and have some more :) )

So now the mistakes. Well I somehow ended up with this weird raised row of stitches. I'm really not sure what happened here. Maybe I twisted some stitches or something or maybe its even supposed to be there on the WS or something. Although its not on the other side. So a bit odd. This does happen often and I'm still trying to work out why, so bare with me!

The other tiny tiny mistake was in the ribbed cuff, right in the middle on the fold! I think I just did a few purls or knits when I was supposed to be doing the other :( Shame as I was so close! The other thing I'm not happy with is the finishing and making up. I have not shown it here as its very hard to see but I know I'm not doing mattress stitch right at all and I get a very lumpy bumpy join! Not exactly a comfortable bootie! I'm think about taking a lesson about finishing as it seems quite a complicated art................ and my mum don't know how to do it either! And what's the point in having a perfect knit if my finishing is crap!? Still so much to learn!

I have already started another bootie of a different design that I hope will go without a hitch. I'll post it up soon, but if it works out right I wont make it up till I'm confident I can do a good job. That will be a good day and you wont have to read about dam booties anymore! I'm sure everyone is getting bored of them (I know I am *sigh*)
Happy Knitting

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