Monday, 25 February 2013

Another FAIL at Booties

I had another go at a different bootie design and I made a really silly mistake. These booties are like little socks in stocking stitch. Again I used a cheepy wool in a nasty colour just to test one out.
I made a very silly mistake. When i got to the heel of the sock I think I started knitting (or purling) on the wrong side. Therefore the WS (wrong side) of the kitting ended up on the RS (right side)
When this happens it means the smooth pretty side that is supposed to look like this:

ends up looking like this mess:

No one wants a lumpy bumpy heel like that! This was one of the first times I was turning the work in the middle of a row to make a heel shape and clearly the concept has not quite sunk in yet! But I think now I have made this mistake I can avoid it.

Here is how I know if I should be purling or knitting on a row:

If this side is facing you, you should be knitting.
If this side is facing you, you should be purling!

If you get the effect I did above, then you know you have messed up! Its not easy when you are turning in the middle of a row but next time I will follow these rules and it should work! I have already started some more booties so wish me luck 3rd (4th 5th 6th) time lucky!

Happy knitting! 

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