Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Late Post to Welcome 2013!

Hello Knaff Knitters,

So its 2013! Actually it is nearly March in 2013! So this is a rather belated post. I can say however, that I have been knitting! Lots of knitting in fact. I have even started crochet (which by the way seems to be more complicated than knitting!) I did think about setting some crafting goals for this year. So here they are:

  • Finish projects already started! This has got to be on every ones list! At the moment this includes mittens, babies cardigan, a chunky snood and the Xmas stocking!
  • Knit my first toy. Ive wanted to knit a toy since I picked up my needles, but there are lots of techniques I was not familiar with. Now I have a much greater knowledge so feel confident to tackle a toy.
  • Knit in the round. I really want to learn to knit in the round. It seems to be really useful, and easier than knitting with 3 needles!
  • Master a new stitch. I really want to master a new, unusual stitch such as Blanket Moss Stitch. (see below)
So there it is, some goals for my knitting. There are lots of things I need to post in the next few weeks, including all the things I've been knitting (successfully and unsuccessfully!) over the Xmas and new year.
Happy knitting!

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