Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Christmas Knit

In this jolly month of December i thought it only fitting to try a festive knit! Last xmas (when I very first tried to knit, failed miserably, and gave up!) I bought a Christmas craft magazine with some cool knitting patterns in it. A year on and I actually decided to attempt one! Obviously it wont be finished in time for xmas (typical) but I do hope to be finished by next Christmas!

Here's the pattern:

So this is the first time I have tried to knit with more than one colour. This sort of knitting is called Fair Isle knitting. I really love the Nordic snowflake pattern and the traditional red and white theme and the pattern is symmetrical so it should not be too hard to follow. I was actually surprised at how easy it is to knit with 2 balls of wool at the same time! I expected to end up with a giant knot of red and white wool, but its actually quite simple! At least compared to the other stuff i have attempted. The knitting techniques used are very simple, just stocking stitch (SS) for the main body of the stocking. Here's how its looking:

Now you can't see it very well in the pics but I have made some mistakes to the pattern, but its not very noticeable at all :) Now the way I knitted this stocking is fine but I think there is a way to make the back more tidy for garments, but it seemed really complicated just for a stocking! Here the back as is, but the other way i mentioned was tidy like the front. No loose threads and lumpy bits! Also you need to be careful to keep the tension very even in your knitting to avoid too tight or saggy strands at the back! that was the trickiest part. 

There are lots of really simple to follow videos for fair isle knitting. I also could not have done it without a row counter! I would of gotten totally lost in the pattern without this handy little thing! and yep that is 42 rows of knitting  The biggest thing I have knitted so far, cant wait to finish! So Happy Xmas and Happy Knitting! 

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