Monday, 10 December 2012

My FAIL at booties

So I really really want to knit booties as they are so cute and everyone seems to be having babies right now. However they seem to be one of the hardest things to knit! So I found a really cute pattern in this book that is available on amazon. The only downside to this book is it does not tell you how many stitches you should have at the end of each row. Very un-handy if you are increasing and decreasing a lot! So I had to work it out on a piece of paper halfway through knitting!

These are the little booties I picked to make:

There were a few stitches that I had not tried before but I was full of confidence after the chicks and the chunky snood! Oh how naive of me! I was sensible enough to not use the really nice, super soft wool I bought until I had done a test bootie on some garish fluorescent pink wool!

Here is the ugly useless holey boot! YUK

You can see a vague resemblance to a bootie here. There is some shape to it!

And then we look underneath! oh dear.

Looks like its time to unravel yet again! I will try and give these a go again soon and i'll post more pics. I really hope they are a bit more successful next time! Only 6 months till my friend has the baby!

TIP: If you are new to knitting and are trying something that you have not yet done, don't use your best yarn! Everything can be unpicked and reused but it will begin to look shabby, especially if it is white or a light colour, popular with baby boots :)

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