Monday, 10 December 2012

After Many Many Sample Squares...

After the dull repetition of sample squares I felt confident to take on my first real pattern! As it happened my mum had picked up a knitting pattern from the Marie Curie shop. It was to knit little chicks that sat on cream eggs. Then people would sell them for the charity! (bear in mind this was obviously meant for Easter, it is now December! So i'm really late, or really early!)  Plus the pattern was super simple. All you needed to know was how to cast on, how to do garter stitch (GS), how to knit two together (K2tog) and cast off. I had perfected GS and K2tog is super simple. So below is my first successful knit! I recently had to spend some time in hospital and ended up knitting about 12 of these! And yes they all looked slightly evil! I could not get the eyes to be .... not evil!

Here is the pattern if you want to give it a go. Its a great starting point!

You will need...
  • Any colour double knit yarn (who says chicks have to be yellow!)
  • A pair of needles UK size 3.75mm / 9 / US 5 (I personally think that 4mm needles give a better fit for the egg)
  • Small piece of felt for the beak
  • Some black yarn for the eyes
Cast on 24 stitches and Knit 2 rows. Increase 1 stitch at the beginning of every row until there are 36 stitches on the needle. (to add a stitch to the beginning of the row just cast on one more stitch)

Knit 2 more rows.

Cast off 11 stitches on the next row then knit to the end. Repeat on next row.

Knit 12 rows.

Knit 2 together across the row, ending with 7 stitches. 

With a darning needle draw the wool throu the 7 stitches and sew the chick up. Leave a space on the underside to insert the egg. 

Add the eyes and beak!

Here is a good video for Garter Stitch. if you can master this you can easily knit the chick above!

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