Monday, 10 December 2012

A Sucessful Useful Knit... Finally!

Last month was one of my best friends birthdays and I was determined to knit her a cool scarf. This scarf was started and unravelled 2 times over and then turned into a snood! In the end thou it was a great success and my friend loved it! Here is a picture of the finished article. The wool I used was Sidar Bohemia super chunky.

So the reason it went all wrong a few times was:

First off I couldn't work out the pattern inside the label on the wool (this wool comes with a free pattern) 1 ball of wool = 1 easy scarf! Yeah okay Sidar wool makers! I tried lots of things and I couldn't find anything relating to dropped stitches in my knitting book. So back to 'good ol' you tube. And there is was, someone knitting the pattern with the wool and everything! Thanks hulu crafts great video!

Then I couldn't find any 20mm needles (and I was broke) so I was using 12mm. So I thought smaller needles means I need to cast on some extra stitches. Like a noob I doubled the amount of stitches because I was using needles almost half the size. Logical right? No. So i ended up with a really short but super wide scarf thing that didn't even wrap around the neck. Dumbass!

So I unravelled it all and wanted to cry!

3rd time lucky. I completed the scarf! Well snood, and it looked pretty dam cool even if i say so myself! Once I got the hang of the drop stitches and followed the pattern (why didn't i do that before?) it was really easy and I completed it in about 4/5 hours. When I finished I just thought a snood would be better so sewed the ends together.

Here is a pic with my friend proudly wearing it. Don't think she took it off for 3 days :)

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