Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A Christmas Present to Me, Myself and I

Christmas is upon us, so I just had to buy myself something after all that hard work of knitting all my friends their presents. Well that was the plan. Of course like a pro I didn't plan enough time, or buy enough wool for all my fluff ups and unraveling! I think I went too ambitious again! Doh. I got that birthday present done end of November, so I tried, right?

Well to pat myself on the back for that mammoth effort (yeah right) I bought myself a band new knitting basket, as I had totally out grown the tiny box I was keeping everything in.

Its even got a handle! I don't know when I became excited about wicker, but sadly, I have reached the age where its happened, and dam it i'm proud of my pretty basket! ooooh vintage-y :) I think we should all treat ourselves to a knitting related gift this December.

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting! 

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