Thursday, 20 December 2012

100 Hits!

Today I reached 100 blog views! Thank you to everyone who has read my blog. I hope it helps you to keep persevering with your own knitting. You are not alone :) I never dreamed so many of you would read my blog! Thanks to anyone who subscribed too. Please dont be afraid to leave any comments or questions you may have. 

Heres a cool video from VeryPinkKnits! Her videos are really good ones to try. Tight knitting was a problem I had really bad when I started out. I fixed it by always putting my hand back on the right needle in the same place, without the tug. So I always return my right hand to the needles roughly 1-2 inches down the right needle. She is doing the same in the video but she keeps the right index finger the same distance from the needle each time, no tug! If you are having problems with too tight or even too loose knitting these pointers may help. Good Luck!


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