Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Note on Needles

A quick post about needles. Now you probably have some cheep crappy plastic needles that came with a kit or were a present. I ask you to step away from the plastic!

They are honestly the hardest needles to knit with. They make your hands a bit sweaty and they cause static and they are just not very slidey!

Metal needles are better and not too expensive. I prefer wooden needles myself and bamboo ones are also quite reasonable.

Recently however I found the most beautiful and lovely to use needles ever!
These are Lantern Moon needles. They come in rosewood ( i just bought a size 10mm and 5mm) ebony and blonde wood. They glide so effortlessly they are a joy to work with! Of course they are also the most expensive needles I've ever seen!

If you become serious about Knitting I recommend these as a treat :)

They can be bought here:

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